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About the FibeAir 4800

The FibeAir 4800 is a license free point to point radio that delivers up to 48 Mbps of Ethernet and T1 data for up to 40-miles. It operates in the license-free 2.4 to 5.8 GHz bands (including 4.9 Public Safety) for speedy deployment and return on investment.

System set up consists of an Outdoor Unit (ODU) with 1' (integrated) or 2' (external) parabolic antenna, connected to a rack mounted Indoor Unit (IDU). Bandwidth and configuration options include:

         1 x 10-100BT & up to two T1 Channels ["IDU-C"]
         1 x 10-100BT & up to six T1s ["IDU-E"]
         With power redundancy and optional 1+1 protection

The ODU and IDU are connected by a single shielded, outdoor CAT-5 cable, carrying data and power. Maximum cable length is 100 meters and AC power is 110/220 VAC, 10-14W.

Installation may be completed in a matter of hours, depending on the length of your cable run. Antennas are aligned by a signal level reading in the ODU and once the signal is established, an automated set up wizard guides you through final alignment and system configuration.
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 Cost (Both Ends)
 $2,390 Ethernet (24Mbps)
 Add $900 for 2-T1s
 0-40 Miles (point to point)
 Includes AES Encryption
 SNMP Management
5.8 ghz wireless bridge
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